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After some experimentation I've decided that the website needs to be updated. Here is an overview of what was involved.

My requirements are:

  • Ensure that articles can be written in a text editor such as VIM.
    • Design: Use a mark-up text formatting for content.
  • Ensure that authoring can be done anywhere and is portable.
    • Design: Make sure that content is in git repository.
  • Use static HTML for the site to keep the hosting simple.
    • Design: Use Nikola a static site generator that outputs html file to be hosted. As a bonus Nikola also provides integration to Disqus for blog comments making it easy to readers to comment. Nikola also links in the AddThis application so that readers can easily share website pages with their community.
  • Make sure that site is responsive to the many browser platforms, mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.
    • Design: Use a responsive Bootstrap theme.
  • Contact page requires a web based contact form that sends an email upon submission.
    • Design: Used a micro-framework, Flask, and AJAX script to implement.
  • Low cost hosting and simple to deploy updates.
    • Design: The hosting is provided by Red Hat's OpenShift platform. Cost free. Easy to deploy updates via git repository.

I'll write some follow up posts to expand on the details of what was involved.


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